The Proposal

The Background

God wants us to be fruitful, and right now we aren't sustainable enough to spend much energy looking outwards. We don't have a home base from which to reach out and welcome people into our community. Financially we don't have the capacity to buy, but we need to move out of the hall. For a long time we have been aiming to grow in size and breadth, but we haven't made much headway.

The Invitation

Glen Osmond have asked us to join with them as a united congregation, with Gavin as pastor. They have initiated this proposal, which is a great blessing. This is a merger in terms of people, but maintains much of our leadership and vision.

The Details

The Benefits

  • The demographics of GO are a great match – they fill out our gaps and help us reach our goal of being a well rounded community, but we will need to be gracious and welcome people in. This will give us the size and sustainability we have been looking for.
  • There is a great mission opportunity at GO: with a school and childcare centre next door. There is an open door to the mission field we have identified.
  • The property is really well suited to us: air conditioned hall, creche and Sunday school spaces, indoor half court b'ball. It many ways it is better than our current space!
  • It's a strategic location (29000 cars drive past, not a lot of strong churches in the area), but distance is a concern. We think it's doable, but wed like your commitment on this, if we go we go together.
  • Theologically, culturally and missiologically there is a strong overlap and fit - another great blessing!
  • The GO leadership team and staff are a real benefit. These are mature, faithful, gifted people: Miranda in worship, Lesley in discipleship, Admin and Finance people in place (we have been relying on UPBC for much of this).

The Recommendation

That LifeChurch Unley and Glen Osmond Baptist Church join together to form a new combined church: [Emmanuel / Cornerstone] Baptist: Glen Osmond. That we gather together for worship at the current Glen Osmond Baptist Church building at 4:30pm each Sunday, with the mission of growing towards ‟Life Abundant: in Jesus, as Community, for the World.” That the new community be led by the:

  • Oversight Leadership Team comprised of the current Glen Osmond Church Eldership and members of the LifeChurch Leadership Team; and
  • Ministry Team: Gavin Jones as Lead Pastor, Lesley Vince as Associate Pastor with responsibility for Children and Families, and Miranda Dixon as Worship Life Pastor.

The Process

  • 25th June – Motions and details presented to the two communities.
  • 30th July – Congregational Vote.

Should the decision of both churches be to join together, we propose to have our first joint service on the 27th of August, followed by a public Launch on the 24th of September. After 6 months of the new church forming, we propose that the Oversight Leadership Team in consultation with the merged church community will formally review our progress and adjust these plans as needed, to further promote health and fruitfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What would we be called?
    Emmanuel Baptist: Glen Osmond
  • When would we meet?
    Sunday Afternoons at 4:30pm.
  • What is the cultural fit (will we loose the atmosphere we've created at LifeChurch)?
    Yes, things will change, but culturally we are very similar.
  • Do GO currently run any outreach programs?
    Yes: they run a youth group and a program in the local war vets home, but nothing with pre-school and primary-school aged families at present.
  • Where is Glen Osmond?